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HTC Inspire...delayed email notifications.

HTC Inspire...delayed email notifications.

Anyone know how to set up email notifications on HTC Inspire?  


My daughter has the phone but she is not notified of new emails for up to an hour (sometimes longer) after they are sent to her phone.  Is there a way to have it check for new email more often? (not the gmail app....)  She would like to get instant notifications.  


Also what does Peak Time do?  The only way she has been able to get instant notification is to set Peak Times to start at 8 am and end at 7:59 am.  Is this what she is supposed to set it for??   The manual doesn't explain this.


Would Task Killer be interfering with this?  Any help would be appreciated.    



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Re: HTC Inspire...delayed email notifications.

There is your problem, the task killer. I had the same problem when using a task killer, removed it and problem is gone. Myself I didn't see any improvement with the task killer, just problems, have her remove it and all should be fine.
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Re: HTC Inspire...delayed email notifications.

Sorry also... It sounds like she knows where the setting are for the e-mail options so I won't explain that... The best she can do is set email check for every 5 minutes, have her to to the 2 option of "peak times" and "off peak times", there she will see the minutes to pick. About the peak times she has set, that should work for a 24 hour peak time, well less one minute of 24 hrs Smiley Wink

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Re: HTC Inspire...delayed email notifications.

Thanks...we'll make these changes and see what happens.

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Re: HTC Inspire...delayed email notifications.

Task killers aren't needed on Android.  Ever since build 2.2 (which is a long time ago), Android manages tasks by itself, and does a great job of doing so.  Task killers often do more harm than good, as it seems you may be discovering.

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