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HTC Inspire as MP3 player?


HTC Inspire as MP3 player?

I am having difficulties playing music when connected through a jack to my stereo. I do get sound, but the volume is very low (the volume on the phone is at 100% capacity). My previous phone (HTC Tilt 2) worked perfectly, and the volume at 5 was pretty loud. On the Inspire, I have it turned up to 10 (the maximum) and it isn't very loud. What "box' do i need to check to make it work properly? It works like a charm via Bluetooth on my car stereo, though...???

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Re: HTC Inspire as MP3 player?

No check to make it better as far as I know. What I think you need are self powered speakers, because of using the head phone jack, all you are getting is "head phone" power from that jack. This is just a thought on my part.
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Re: HTC Inspire as MP3 player?

Inspire owners are still waiting for the Gingerbread update, correct?  There is an app on the Market (actually free on the dev's website) called Volume+ (but it only works on Gingerbread).  It doesn't give a huge volume boost on my Desire Z, but it does help some.

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