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HTC Inspire Signal Problem Recently


HTC Inspire Signal Problem Recently

Since getting my HTC Inspire phone I've always had a 2 to 3 bar signal strength inside my house.  Today my phone restarted itself and ever since I can get no signal whatsoever.  I restarted the phone and that didn't seem to help.  I took the battery out for about 30sec and that didn't help.  My next door neighbor has a Cellular South tower on his property and the tower is very near me.  I don't know whether or not AT&T accesses this tower or not but I've always had a fairly decent signal strength regardless as I mentioned before.  I've got no clue as to why the phone all of a sudden restarted itself today but I've got no signal at all now.  Does anyone know what the problem might be and what I might do to fix this?

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Re: HTC Inspire Signal Problem Recently

The phone rebooting itself suggests a software or hardware issue.  Can't say I've ever heard of a reception/network issue causing the phone to reboot.

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