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HTC Inspire - SMTP server error


HTC Inspire - SMTP server error

Hoping for some assistance here..this one persistent error is the only thing that's causing trouble in wife's switch from an iphone...and the only thing causing my hesitation to do the same.


Phone is an HTC inspire running 2.3. Incoming mail works fine, but outgoing mail simply will not go. I'm confident with the server settings/port #, as it's identical to what's worked just fine on her old phone (iphone 3) and my 4. I've tried toggling SSL, tried setting it with/without authentication...Nothing.


So, any particular reason it would work on one device but not another?  I've seen a few posts online from others with similar complaints...Is this a known issue?....Does SOMEONE know a way i can actually get this otherwise awesome device to send email?

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Re: HTC Inspire - SMTP server error

What is the ISP/domain of the email address that you are having trouble with?
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: HTC Inspire - SMTP server error

The only time i have issues with email at all is when i'm running wifi. I dont know why, it just affects it.
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