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HTC Inspire Permanent Mute


HTC Inspire Permanent Mute

I've got a problem and am not sure how to resolve it or if it is even fixable. I'm on my [B]second[/B] Inspire with the same basic issue -- no one can hear me on the phone.

With the first phone, I could use the speakerphone or the headset on telephone calls with no problem, but if I wanted to use it as a traditional (handset) cell phone, it was on permanent mute.  So I returned it for a replacement which is now having almost the same issue.

The headset on the second phone works fine for calls.  But now the speakerphone is on permanent mute and the handset is too, and sometimes there is no volume through the earpiece using it that way.  It places and received calls, just no sound.

I am thinking there is something wrong with the jack on the phone, that it perhaps thinks something is plugged into it, full or partially.  (The headset literature said it was Inspire compatible.)

I've tried rebooting the phone, removing the battery to completely clear the memory, plugged and unplugged the headset...all to no avail.  I [B]like[/B] the phone otherwise, but at this point am concerned about replacing it yet again or getting something else.

Is this a known problem?

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