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HTC Inspire 4G "Crackling" noise problem


HTC Inspire 4G "Crackling" noise problem

Does anyone else have this problem?


I just got my phone yesterday and LOVE it, only one problem though.......


When making a call, or receiving a phone call there is an annoying "crackling/static" noise throughout the conversation. No one else can hear it except myself on my end, and there is nothing around me to interrupt the service.


Did I get a bad phone? Or is this going to be a problem forever?

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Re: HTC Inspire 4G "Crackling" noise problem

I have an Inspire 4g, and there is not problem crackling soud im my calls

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Re: HTC Inspire 4G "Crackling" noise problem

Sounds like a bad phone.  Take it to an AT&T store, and they can slide your SIM into another Inspire, and see if the problem still exists (which it probaby won't).  If your Inspire was purchased less than 30 days, they should be able to exchange for a new one right there.

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