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HTC Freestyle free APPS/GAMES?


HTC Freestyle free APPS/GAMES?

Has anyone found an HTC freestyle forum just for the Freestyle? Or has anyone found where to get free games or apps for the freestyle?

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Re: HTC Freestyle free APPS/GAMES?

The HTC Freestyle uses the BREW operating system so I am not sure where you can find Apps for the phone. You can also look on HTC's website and the forum there.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: HTC Freestyle free APPS/GAMES?

This phone can run java based applications.

How to load:

1. Put downloaded java based games and apps (jar and jad file) in a folder on a micro sd card.

2. On your phone open "my stuff" (from the menu) and select sd card. 

3. Go to the folder...and select the game or app you wish to load.

4. When you select the file it will ask if you wish to install. Select "ok".

5. From the home screen, go back into menu.

6. Select "Games and Apps".

7. Select "Java".

8. You will find the program and a list of any others you have installed.


I placed a shortcut to "Java" on my favorites screen. I have not found a list of games and apps that will work or not work. I prefer the trial and error approach. If it doesn't work...delete it.


I'm sure help will get more sophisticated as this phone becomes more popular. It's pretty new at this point. But I think it is the best non data phone I have ever seen.


Hope this helps.

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Re: HTC Freestyle free APPS/GAMES?

I found a Freestyle forum from the HTC website.  Here is the direct link (but you have to register as a user):



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