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HTC Aria shut down and texting issues


HTC Aria shut down and texting issues

I have the HTC Aria and have had it since October of 2010... The first one I had was replaced within 2 days due to the mic not working... The second one in December got a huge crack in the screen and now, my third one,  which I have had for 7 months has decided it likes to freeze and shut its self on and off randomly. It will act like it is going to send a text then will completely freeze the phone up. To fix it, I usually have to try to shut it down myself and if that doesnt work, remove the battery. This is not only a daily occurance but it happens MULTIPE times a day. It doesn't tell me I have a new text for 15 to 20 minutes then when I try to respond, it sits there and says "sending" for 5 to 10 minutes, then after I have gone through shutting down or battery removal,A) may send the message, B) won't show ANY messages, or C) shuts itself down again. Most of the time I have to try and call people back when talking on the phone as well because all I hear is myself echoeing, volume doesn't matter and generally hanging up, restarting the phone, and calling back solves this. Also, it will not let me delete messages without freezing. The only way I have been successful is to factory reset my phone which in turn removes all my apps and data and settings.. I pay for data,  I do not get unlimited... There has to be something that can be done.. I originally loved this phone, but it's to the point that there are more issues than the phone is worth dealing with... What is going on with my phone!?!?!?!

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