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HTC Aria Owners


HTC Aria Owners

I have read the reviews, and it sounds like this is a great phone.  I need a phone with a bigger screen, but I still want to hear what real life users have to say about the phone.  Please keep this to personal feelings about owning the device and lets not turn this into a {word filter} about ATT not allowing you to directly load third party apps.

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Re: HTC Aria Owners

I'm having problems typing on the virtual keyboard too!  I've had a blackberry in the past and had no problems, so I think it's the virtual part.  Not sure if they'll take it back.  I just switched to at&t and have switched the 1st phone out with the aria.  The first was the pantech pursuit.....ugh! 

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Re: HTC Aria Owners

no, you can prob get it threw them without adding the data plan but once your sim goes in you will get hit with the data plan, far as the aria goes it was upgrade from a TILT 1 for me wich i only used the onscreen keyboard on it, so this aria screen is almost 1/2" bigger, alot easier for me to text on, can't wait till xda has a 100% working froyo build for it in case att doesn't release a froyo build.  all honesty, its a nice phone, but prob a bit small for people with big hands, and i hate having to use my computer to install 3rd party apps as well, for the most part im well pleased with the phone, i would recommend to people.


people having probs typing on it get the swype beta.apk that helps alot.

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Re: HTC Aria Owners

If you are still having problems with the HTC sync, you can consider alternatives. has a chart that lists most software available to sync between Outlook and an Android device, including the Aria.  It lists the software name, what it syncs (calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, email), whether it uses USB or wireless (auto-sync!), the price (some free) and more.  There is even an overview for the software.  Its a good resource for you or anyone else who may be looking for a better or more encompassing sync solution.  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: HTC Aria Owners

I upgraded from Fuze to Aria 5 days ago. I love the size, speed, voice to text, and optical trackball. Syncing is as problematic as with the Fuze (appreciate the syncdroid link above) so I haven't gotten my computer to read the sd card yet and still have some files to transfer over, but I have good confidence I will get that done. Typing has been a challenge, but has already improved quite a bit with practice. I have an ipad, so understand how easy the iphone is for people, but the mac devices have their limitations. The Aria seems much more flexible. (I had an old $5.99 data plan with the Fuze just so I could check personal e-mails when away from wifi. I miss that. I don't understand why customers are deemed smart enough to manage data on the ipad but not on their smartphones.) The Aria is very good at locking out 3G when wifi is available. The camera seems fine. I'm quite pleased with this phone.

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Re: HTC Aria Owners

Try a different phone before switching carriers. I live in a rural area and we've discovered some phone brands get better signal than others, and it's not just the service. Pantech, Nokia, and Samsung have been our best, other than HTC. Nokia, in my opinion, has the best reception anywhere I go. I try not to have to actually talk on the phone, so reception isn't a big deal to me. I got the Aria for the messaging and social networking capabilities, and the fact that it wasn't an iPhone pretty much sealed the deal. Smiley Happy

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Re: HTC Aria Owners

New owner.  I do like the phone.  My biggest issue thus far has been the keyboard.  Yes, I realize it is a a trade off for the over all compactness of the phone. But none the less, it has been an issue for me.  I think the placement of some of the keys is bad.  Mostly I sometimes hit the Menu button when I meant to hit the Back button.  I also sometimes hit the phones back button by accident, which completely kicks you out the message. 


I believe the biggest issue is that if the phones Home, Menu, Back, and Search buttons were actual physical buttons, instead of static buttons, less accidents would happen


I was also discouraged that there wasn't a calibration tutorial for the Landscape mode.  I very well could have overlooked it, but couldn't find it.  There is one for phone view though.


Finally, I've also had the text messaging app regularly crash on me.  It completely freezes and crashes.  Then I have to reboot the phone to get it to work again.  I'm thinking this may be an issue with my specific phone and not the Aria globally.

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Re: HTC Aria Owners

This is my take on the New Aria presented in Power Point.

Power Point: Http://

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Re: HTC Aria Owners

I had my Aria for about a month now, and still loving it.  I know people want a bigger screen, but for does  its job.  I like the stock HTC keyboard, but Better Keyboard with iPhone skin overlay works even better.  In my experience with Android phones, none will have great battery life, so just get used to charging it every night.  As for side-loading, I use the Sideload Wonder Machine.  Just Google it, and should take you to  AndroidCentral.  Kinda sucks that you still need to 'usb' the Aria to the computer in order to side-load apps, but then might end up doing it anyways when uploading the app to the phone before installing anyways. 


No lag on the phone or anything like that.  Love the free apps on the thing.  Only two downers.  No Flash, as in none from Adobe or for the camera.  The other, still waiting for for my Froyo fix.  2.1 Éclair is good enough, but would like the ability to install apps to the SD Card and the aforementioned Flash.  I have all the apps I need, but still hovering the 20 MB free internal memory.  Would like the piece of mind to have more room for more apps when I want it, and not just pick and choose what goes and what stays.


On a side note.  Love GPS navigation.  Was going to get a dedicated GPS system, but you really don't need one.  Not going to get into the debate about using Google or AT&T Nav, but it's there if you want it.


That's my two cents on my Aria. 



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