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Ok, I have fought and fought this micro cell at my house, but unfortunately with the rediant barrier on my roof my phone signal stinks without it........


I have had this thing for about 3 months, and after a month of messing with it I finally got it to connect and it worked great for about 2 months (aside from it not letting me listen to my voice mails on my ihpone) Anyway, it just stopped working the other day, and now I can not get it to connect. Customer sevice has nothing for me....


The top 3 lights are on, but the 3G is flashing green.


I have deleted it, un plugged it, unplugged my router, and re installed about 100 times.....


My house has a box in my office closet that houses my Time Warner Cable modem, a belkin router that feed two other wired routers. from there they go out to every bedroom in the house. The microcell does not go through the wired, it comes off the wireless port.


The micro cell iss by the same window it worked at for the last month.


Any thoughts?? Should I try a different wireless router? I have a Linksys G laying around, should I try it?


Has anyone tried the antenna?


Thanks in advance!!

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Re: HELP!!!!!

For diagnostic purposes, you might consider connecting the MicroCell directly to your cable modem (no router or routers in between the MicroCell and modem). If the MicroCell works when connected directly to your cable modem, then it is most likely the configuration of one of your router(s).


The external antenna connection port on the back of the MicroCell is for an external GPS antenna only.  Adding a GPS antenna to this port will have no effect on the cellular signal (the cellular antennas for the device are created from traces on the PC circuit board inside the unit and there are no external cellular antenna connections available).  It is only useful if your MicroCell is placed in a location that does not have a strong GPS signal.  If your GPS light on the MicroCell is always lit, then adding an external antenna won't help the problem that you are describing. 

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Re: HELP!!!!!

Put the MC into your routers DMZ. 

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