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HELP! blocking glitch texts...?

HELP! blocking glitch texts...?

So my boyfriend doesn't have texting and uses yahoo to send ims directly to my phone. we've been doing this for awhile and have never had a problem. but today, i recieved a text and continued receiving it every half a second for about 8.5 hours. it takes breaks from time to time. it's stopped now. but when it's really going, there's not enough of a break to even dial a phone call. is it possible to block this number without having to sign up for this whole plan smartlimits plan? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME tech support closed before i could call and i'm getting desperate and my phone is now just straight up vibrating - there's not even a gap between the texts. i don't know what to do.

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Re: HELP! blocking glitch texts...?

p.s. i've tried taking out the battery, taking out the sim card, the att store even gave me a new sim card and it's still going

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Re: HELP! blocking glitch texts...?

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