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HELP! SAMSUNG GALAXY S II...Experiencing problems..


HELP! SAMSUNG GALAXY S II...Experiencing problems..

So I have had my Samsung for over 1 month almost 2 and my phone makes noises during calls and does not vibrate when pushing the keys at the bottom. Also it does not vibrate when I push the letters to send a text message I find it very unusual. I seek help to repair or replace my phone with no charge or what are my options. Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your timeSmiley Happy 


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Re: HELP! SAMSUNG GALAXY S II...Experiencing problems..

Just call customer service.  You can send your phone in for repair or replacement.  If purchased form AT&T, its warrantied for one year from the purchase date.


If within the first 30 days of purchase, you can exchange for a brand new one in store (if they still have it in stock).  But sounds like you're over the 30 days, so they probably won't do it.  But I've heard of people exchanging for a new phone just over the 30 days, if you ask nicely enough (beg).  Its possible, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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