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Guide to the forum when a new iPhone is released.


Guide to the forum when a new iPhone is released.

For newbies to the forum who haven't been here when a new iPhone comes out, here's an idea of what you have to look forward to:


Announcement to Preordering:  The back and forth of who's eligible, why am I not eligible, AT&T is unfair to me and I'm leaving, should I order through Apple or AT&T, when do preorders start, etc.  This phase is currently winding down and we're moving into the next phase:


Preordering to Launch Day:  Initially problems with getting through the ordering process, then moving to many posts of cross checking tracking status every hour with everyone else and finding something that shows up on your order status doesn't look right or other people are showing something not quite the same.  Much worrying that you might not get your phone on launch day.  As it gets closer to launch day, some orders will show tracking numbers, but when you try to put them in the UPS or FedEx tracking system, they will say "not found" because although the tracking numbers have been allocated, they aren't actually in the shippers hands yet.  People start saying that they should have ordered through Apple instead of AT&T.  Questions of having to sign or not sign for packages depending on whether they come UPS or FedEx, and worries their phone will get stolen if left on the doorstep.  For all of the worrying, history shows that it comes together in the end and if you ordered early enough, most people's phones show up on time.


Launch Day and the immediate aftermath:  Joy on getting your new phone!  Posts with activation problems, usually errors because the servers are overloaded, which usually clear up in a day or so.  Possible design or quality flaws start showing up.  Those who didn't preorder ahead of time find out that AT&T store have few or no phones for sale to walk-ins.  More complaints of "should have gone to Apple", and asking if they can cancel their AT&T order, which hasn't arrived yet, if they walk into an Apple store and buy one there.  For those who got a phone, standard questions of who makes the best case, what film should I get, is there a jailbreak yet, and where's the manual?


A few weeks after Launch day:  Things settle down.  Most people have their new phones, figure out how they work,  and the supply chain catches up with the demand.  Forum activity drops off dramatically.


Next year:  Starting in early January, speculation starts about when Apple will release the next iPhone, what features it will have, and so on.  As the year goes on, the rumor posts grow, probably peaking just before June or whenever Apple is involved in a yearly event like the WDC.  Expect plenty of rumors from "reliable" sources, analysis of chip manufacturing, product codes hidden in the latest OS, and photoshops of what the next gen iPhone will look like.  If the next phone isn't released in June or July, expect another peak before October.  Al Gore will let something slip and be wrong again.  Then Apple will finally announce that they are going to make an announcement on Day X.  The Forums go wild and activity ramps up.  And then one day Apple will actually announce the next gen iPhone…..which sends us back to the top and the forum life cycle begins anew.


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Re: Guide to the forum when a new iPhone is released.

Good list dwill!  It was an accurate summary of what goes on here.


It may have been too rational for what's coming this weekend/beginning of next week.  We'll see if people ask "does AT&T ship iPhones faster to people who put their left shoe on first, or their right shoe on first?" Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Guide to the forum when a new iPhone is released.

You pretty much nailed it. I've seen two of these now and it's very funny to me. I have spent the past day working on my debating skills. It's free and so very much fun.

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Re: Guide to the forum when a new iPhone is released.

LOL, classic. You are EXACTLY on target with this post.

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Re: Guide to the forum when a new iPhone is released.

"Newbies" will literally rack up 25-100+ posts in a couple of days patrolling this board and participating in every thread that's relative to their situation. And after they have their new phone, you never hear from them again. Smiley Wink It's mind-boggling how busy this Apple board gets when a new iPhone is released. I remember last year when I had to go back three pages just to look at the topics for that day alone. And don't even get me started with the complaints...the moderators will certainly have their work cut out for them.

It's getting to be that type of fiasco around here, everyone. I hope you've all come prepared. Brace yourself. It's the iPhone 4S 2011 release. Smiley Happy

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Re: Guide to the forum when a new iPhone is released.

Very good!  This deserves a sticky!

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