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Group Message

I have had my phone for several months and just love it.  Yesterday, I received a goup message and now I am stuck there.  I can't get back to my message list.  My only options at the top of my screen are  CALL   FACETIME   CONTACT     I don't use Facetime.  If I go to call, I call the contact.  There are no options on any of those three screens either.  What can I do?  Turning the phone off and on does not help.  Also, on the contact, their number appears in BLUE, which I have never seen before.

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Re: Group Message

Not exactly sure how you got where you are, but you can get out of the app by pressing the home button (the only physical button on the front of the iPhone - bottom center)


If you press that button twice, quickly, the interface will shift up, and show the running apps on the bottom. Press and hold the one that is for messaging (the chat bubble icon) until it wiggles. Then tap the red (-)  on it. Now press home button again. When you re-launch the messaging app, you should be back to normal.


Multitasking explained: See the section "Follow these steps to force the app to close"


Blue means the message was sent via iMessage, not SMS.

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Re: Group Message

You are in the threaded group messaging UI. If you tap on the 'Messages' button in the upper left you will go back to the messages history scroller.

The blue chat bubble means that person also uses iOS 5 and that message was sent and received via iMessage, which is a free service from apple, Vs the paid SMS infrastructure from AT&T
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