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Great FaceTime experience


Great FaceTime experience

Today.....All the sudden I see a pop on my phone saying my Dad is requesting to friend me on FB. My Dad?....... On Facebook? I never thought I'd see the day. "It's a new me. Will you be my friend? Sent from my iPhone" He's so retro now! LOL.... So then I see the message was sent from his iPhone? Again, never thought he would give up his old flip. I asked him through FB IM if Christmas came early because I see he had the iPhone. Next thing I know my phone is ringing and it's him trying out the FaceTime. Luckily his step daughter was at his place (he's in CA, I'm in NJ) to show him how to get the FaceTime working. So we're chatting and while we're on the phone, UPS delivers a package I sent him. It was a book I got him for Christmas. He gets the package and opens it up and I was able to watch Smiley Happy     


Needless to say it was pretty awesome to kinda be there and the timing couldn't of been better.


Happy Holidays!

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Re: Great FaceTime experience

That is so awesome! Happy Holidays!! Smiley Happy

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Re: Great FaceTime experience

Cool! FaceTime was fun to use when I had my iPod Touch 4G. I remember getting some weird ringing noise from the device and much to my surprise, it was a FaceTime request.

I wish my 3GS had a front camera...

Cat Happy Remember that Wild Banchi... 1993-2010 Cat Happy

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