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Got my new phone: HTC Desire Z (unlocked, Bell Canada branded)


Got my new phone: HTC Desire Z (unlocked, Bell Canada branded)

Finally gave up on ATT getting any decent Android devices.  Well, the Fascinate seems OK, but lots of complaints on these forums (and elsewhere) about various things.  Plus, the outlook for new devices in the first part of next year does not look very promising either.  And I've always been a big HTC fan.  I found out that Bell Canada released the HTC Desire Z about a month ago, with 3G bands compatible with ATT's network.  I decided to take the plunge.  Not an easy pill to swallow, as an unlocked, unsubsidized device like this goes for a premium (and obviously not for everyone).  But what the heck, its a been a good year, and I decided to get myself a Christmas gift.


For those that may not know, and are interested in the Desire Z, the Bell-branded NAM version, model number A7275 is currently the only one that will work with ATT's 3G network.  The European and T-Mobile (the G2) versions will only work on EDGE.  So take care when shopping around.


Let me tell you guys, this device is amazing.  The build quality is excellent, with most of the body being a gorgeous brushed aluminum, accented with some slightly grippy plastic (also nice looking, and does not cheapen the appearance).  The keyboard is very good.  The layout is slightly different from my trusty old Tilt2, with the keys slightly smaller (and one less row of keys).  But after one week with the device, I'm already adjusting quite well.


I've played around with Project Android on my trusty old Tilt2, so Android is not completely new to me.  I'm still getting accustomed to where some things are located, but that is true with switching to any new phone OS.  Knocks on Android for not being as "smooth" as the iPhone seem largely unfounded to me.  The Desire Z is super smooth, and of course has tons of customization and functionality that the iPhone will never have.  And the HTC Sense modifications are all very nice.


TO get the phone up and running, I just had to slip my SIM into the device, and manually enter in the ATT data network APN settings (only had WiFi before I did this), and was good to go with 3G speed.  I already keep my contacts, email, calendar on Google.  So the Google implementation is awesome for me.  I just entered my Google login and password, and it synched all that stuff in a couple minutes.


The vendor stated on their website that SIM unlocking voids the manufacturers warranty.  So I decided to go ahead and root, the day after I received the phone (and now overclocked, as well).  Also used a couple different tools (Titanium Backup and Absolute System Root Tool) to successfully remove the Bell bloatware.  The Bell ROM is missing the HTC Locations app (I use Google Maps all the time anyway), and the Android car panel (which I don't really like), but otherwise, the Bell ROM is pretty close to stock.  So I'll stick with the stock ROM for now.


Moral of the story, no regrets buying an unlocked Desire Z.  Absolutely loving it!

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Re: Got my new phone: HTC Desire Z (unlocked, Bell Canada branded)


raffixxx wrote:

so both this


and this


will work fully on at&t's 3g? just want to make sure before i buy one

Yes, they both have UMTS 850 and 1900 bands, and those are what you need for 3G on AT&T.


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Re: Got my new phone: HTC Desire Z (unlocked, Bell Canada branded)


rw4x4van wrote:

Hey Redpoint


A friend has the G2 with T-Mobil, and said he felt the hinge on his G1 was stronger


How's the hinging holding up for you.....


The hardware between the Desire Z and the G2 are exactly the same (aside from the frequency bands).  The "stiffness" of the hinge is apparently totally random even among Desire Z's. Mine has been "medium" stiffness since I bought it.  Not too loose, but not very stiff.  It hasn't changed noticably during the 3 months I've owned the phone.  But some people have complained about the hinge becoming looser over time.


The hinge issue is also completely overblown.  Mine opens slightly if I hold the phone face down (screen facing the floor).  But its also nearly impossible to hold the phone this way in normal usage.  Some part of your fingers will always be touching against the screen part of the phone, and keeping it closed, no matter how you hold the phone.  The hinge designed to be easy to open.  Its not perfect, but I like it the way it is.  Every time I've shown this phone to friends for the first time, the first remark they have is how much they like how the keyboard opens.  And I've never had it open when I didn't intend it to, that I can recall.

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Re: Got my new phone: HTC Desire Z (unlocked, Bell Canada branded)

Thanks Redpoint.........



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Re: Got my new phone: HTC Desire Z (unlocked, Bell Canada branded)

Hello have the same phone its working great and the hinge is the same as always(: but in Europe it does not have 3g 

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