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Gophone upgrade?

Gophone upgrade?

Is it possible to get a gophone upgrade?  Like my friends are able to get new phones with a standard plan (not prepaid), but I was wondering if it was possible for people like me.  Everytime I try to see if i'm eligible it takes me to the gophone login screen.
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Re: Gophone upgrade?

I'm not 100% sure but I think you can upgrade your phone.  You just have to pay full price for the new phone.   


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Re: Gophone upgrade?

You can't really upgrade for a significant equipment discount as happens with postpaid service - but as vtujfz says, you can just purchase another GoPhone for the stated price and use your existing SIM in the new phone.  The new "airtime credit" packages are also a way to effectively get a discount for a prepaid "upgrade" assuming you are a PayGo customer.  (The credit is not available for Pick Your Plan customers.)


Here is additional information - Airtime Credit


And here are all the available GoPhones - you can see which models are available with the airtime credit - GoPhones

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