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Google Play on HTC Inspire 2.3 OS


Google Play on HTC Inspire 2.3 OS

So it seems I can not update, download or transfer Market (aka Google Play) on my HTC Inspire. Is this something we can fix or am I stuck with the old Market?

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Re: Google Play on HTC Inspire 2.3 OS

How long have you had the phone?   It should just update by itself eventually.  But should only take a few days tops after the phone is activated or factory reset.


Don't think there is a way to force it, unless you are rooted.

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Re: Google Play on HTC Inspire 2.3 OS

Well I've had the phone for almost a year.
Does that mean I have to have it reset or should I just wait it out?
I'm not rooted... I don't want to do something wrong and mess up everything Smiley Happy

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