Going to Cancun Help with Internet Access


Going to Cancun Help with Internet Access

Im going to Cancun and I want to bring my laptop and I have an Iphone with 4GB of  internet service to use my phone as a WIFI Hot spot.. How does this work in Cancun Mexico as far as roaming charges etc... Will the 4GB of data usage apply when traveling to Cancun? The internet in the hotel is 13.00 per day! Any thoughts? Thanks in ADVANCE !

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Re: Going to Cancun Help with Internet Access

The hotel Internet charges are a bargain compared to what you would have to pay at&t.  Internet use in Mexico via your iPhone is available at international roaming rates which can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on what you need to do.  Your domestic data plan does not apply in Mexico.



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Re: Going to Cancun Help with Internet Access

I agree with DWC1. You can buy a small bucket of ATT megabytes for Mexico and try to be very miserly, but if Microsoft pushes an update out to you, you will have a rude awakening. I made a similar mistake years ago in Canada. I was at a seminar connected to wifi all day. I was going out to dinner with friends and needed to download my email one more time. I wasn't going to pay the hotel $15 for the privilege and I had just been online all day until an hour and a half ago. I tethered my phone, jumped in the shower, got out and checked my mail. When I got home, I had a $75 roaming bill for Microsoft Update Pack XYZ. It is better to cap your losses.

An alternative that you might wish to think about is XCOM Global's Mexican MiFi rental:


for $14.95, you get unlimited laptop data in Mexico over Telcel's 3g network. While this is $2 more than the hotel charges, you can use it for your iPhone outside the hotel and can split the data with five simultaneous online users. If you are travelling with a friend, that means you can split the fee. If you are traveling by yourself, put your iPhone into airplane mode, turn back on the wifi, and you have coverage the entire time you are in Mexico. You might even be able to get off VOIP over 3g calls on this setup. I have had many good quality VOIP Over 3g calls on my iPhone (I am grandfathered on the old iPhone International data plan), but I've also had a few that were completely horrid. SKype has a call quality monitor. Additionally, Google voice has an app that lets you text the US for free and receive texts for free, but you need to use Google's numnber rather than your mobile's. Additionally, you can hard forward your phone to Google as you board the plane and get visual voice mail from Google for free if you have data in Mexico.
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