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GoPhone to iPhone 4s


GoPhone to iPhone 4s

Hello, I currently have a gophone (prepaid) and I'd like to upgrade to the new iPhone 4s with a plan.  All I really want is to keep my existing number.  Can someone tell me what would be the easiest way to do this.

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Re: GoPhone to iPhone 4s



I posted about this in another thread.



To sum it up, you can't transfer your AT&T GoPhone # to a new AT&T Smartphone ONLINE.


You have to do it in an AT&T store.


I have an AT&T GoPhone too, and I just pre-ordered an iPhone 4S through AT&T also.


I had to pick the "New Customer" option during the pre-order process in order to get it - it rejected my current GoPhone number as a transfer.


When you get your new iPhone, DON'T ACTIVATE IT YET!


Take your GoPhone and your new iPhone 4S to a local AT&T store and tell them you want to transfer your GoPhone # to your iPhone #. They'll take care of the phone # transfer there and they'll activate your new iPhone for you with your old phone #. 


If you ACTIVATE your iPhone yourself, you'll get stuck with a new Phone # and they can't change it after that.


That's what I was told when I called a local AT&T store in my area.


I was told that that's the only way to do that to keep your AT&T GoPhone #. You can't do it online. Has to be in a AT&T store. (An actual AT&T chain store, not a little satellite kiosk at a mall - they can't do it there. Has to be a a real AT&T store.)



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Re: GoPhone to iPhone 4s

Thank you for the info...

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Re: GoPhone to iPhone 4s



Don't deactivate your GoPhone account either.


They'll do that when they do the # transfer.


Your GoPhone account has to be active at the time they do the transfer, or you'll lose that #.



Just bring both your active GoPhone and your UNACTIVATED iPhone down to the AT&T store and they'll take care of the phone # transfer for you.

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