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GoPhone Media Net & MMS down


GoPhone Media Net & MMS down

I had been using my Pantech C120 phone with GoPhone service for 4 years without any problems. 

But recently I noticed that the Media Net service not available and also I cannot send/receive MMS with pictures.  (I can do Text Message and regular talking.)


I contacted the technical support and did everything they said, like reset my phone etc., and couldn't work.

And then, as they advised, I went to the shop and replaced SIM card, but didn't help neither. 

At the shop, it seemed that none of cell phones didn't work with my SIM card. 

She also put the data service on my plan, and nothing happened ... 


Now, I wonder what I can do to get the data service back. 

Right now when I tried to connect, it come back with the error message "data service not available". 

And when someone send me MMS with picture, I receive only "notification" and downloading doesn't work. 


If anyone have any advise about this issue, I appreciate very much. 


Thanks a lot.

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Re: GoPhone Media Net & MMS down

@Tiara Hime , I have the same problem with my Pantech c300. Can't get acces to Media Net.


Anything we can do to get wap service back to our phones? Any help is appreciated!

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Re: GoPhone Media Net & MMS down

My LG CU360 has also lost all Medi Net and MMS fuctionallity. Is this just a big at&t goof?

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Re: GoPhone Media Net & MMS down

We have 3 different brands of phones and the media net is down on all of them as well.

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Re: GoPhone Media Net & MMS down

Well i've had the same trouble for about a month...I figured since I use a samsung phone that was originally a gift from a family memeber I used my sim card from my old phone and it worked great for about within the last month...I can't make voice calls, send text or picture messages or video....I added more time to the phone and tried to retrieve a picture message it didn't come said an error has occured retry?  I clicked no and then I got the message I was charged 8.73 for the last transaction?  I was like What???   so I called technical support and i got stuck in an automated system that wouldn't get me to customer service...finally I had to call from my home phone to get a live person and then when I got to her she said I used the internet for 14:min and 33 sec and I said...No I didn't I haven't been able to make voice calls or data calls and I had taken my dad to the hospital in San antonio to see if my phone would work there and it still didn't...This CSR argued with me over the phone and said I told I used the internet...I said no such thing...all I said was I tried to send a picture message like I had been doing for 2yrs already...and it ate up all my time...she said she couldn't help me because I didn't have a data package on my plan.  As you can guess I was extremely frustrated I even looked up on the website and it states that If I purchase a messaging package I can send and receive text, picture, and video messages as long as my account doesn't account has been active for over 3yrs.  but now that I am getting the runaround with at&t I think I may switch to another provider...and try to port my number over...

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