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Go phone $25 plan


Go phone $25 plan



I had purchased a $25 go phone plan as I was in the bay area for only a couple of months. the plans was 250mins or 1 month for $25 (whichever is earlier).

I finished my 250 mins and recharged my phone for $25. Now I am being charged by the minute for everything- calls, messages etc, while messages and all where free earlier. Its a few days till my 30 days end.

I just wanted to know if my plan would revet back to the original $25 for 250mins +free messages by then.

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Re: Go phone $25 plan

You will have to re-new the fee, unless it it auto set-up to draft the funds to restore services on a specfic date! The entire package will re-set once the device billing date appears! You may want to consider going up in plans to assure you don't have this hassle!
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Re: Go phone $25 plan

You will be deducted $0.10/min for calls once you were able to consume your 250minutes, your Messaging is still Unlimited .

Your plan is being renewed every 30 days, so even if you put $25.00 in the middle of the 30 day period, it doesnt automatically renew the plan and give you another 250 minutes. If you have used your 250minutes, and you want to have 250minutes again by adding $25.00, you may call Customer service 611 and a representative can help you renew the plan that same time.

Or, if you use the phone a lot you may consider switching plan to the $50 Unlimited.
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