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Go-Phone charges - Feedback

Go-Phone charges - Feedback

Hello AT&T:
    If you could / would please pass this message along / add to your customer feedback collection....  Go-Phone on the $2.00 day deduction plan, appears to deduct $2 for not answering inbound voice calls or / and text; should be better explained somewhere when we read about / agree to your Go-Phone service plan.  I had a unused balance on my Go-Phone - I left it turned on - Saw a few days where this phone received incoming calls and text messages... I had not once pressed the "green off-hook / answer / send button" on the phone....  One day I decided to use the phone and had a balance of $2 and some change....   Cash drains away without any use in my opinion....  Guess if I received a bill with the charges for the Go_Phone it might help narrow down "why" the charges... (Still not cool). I had not idea this was happening.  Anyway... No need to reply... This is only feedback - Thanks for your time!

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Re: Go-Phone charges - Feedback

In my experience, you don't get charged if you don't answer calls. If you receive a text message though, that's a charge regardless of whether you reply or not.

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Re: Go-Phone charges - Feedback

Thanks for the additional info. Interesting how the charges are not clearly detailed in any of the Go-Phone service documentation that I have read so far. Thanks again!
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Re: Go-Phone charges - Feedback

Hello Everyone, hope your day has been going along well!

    Thank you AT&T for providing a way to view my call and charges / deduction / adjustment history.  I looked for this capability when I first signed up for a Go_Phone, did not see it...  Pleasantly discovered this history feature a few days ago.   Thanks again! 


     Think I discovered a clue to the disappearing -$2.00 without using the Go_Phone; (-$2.00 deduction from my account credit without depressing of the green call button by me).


     There was no call out to voice mail or voice mail retrieval by me personally from the Go_Phone.

     Below is the charge view, via the account history screen:



03:18:38 PM CDT
03:18:04 PM CDT
Voicemail Retrieval
$ 0.00


     I better remove the battery from the G0_Phone while storing and phone not in use.... (This model I was provided by AT&T is "way" too sensitive to turning on and dialing out while in storage).  Key lock (to prevent accidental dial out) not working either! 



       Thank you all for reading and your time.


               Bye for now....  Wayytoomuchfun

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