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Glitch in iphone AT&T app?


Glitch in iphone AT&T app?

Since last Saturday (4/6/2012), I have been noticing an extra rows on my data usage detail. 

It says... 


Data Overage Packs 

You have exceeded your data usage plan and are incurring overage charges

and has a bar graph of data used (from 1 of 1024 MB). 


HOWEVER, right above these extra rows, my original data plan graph, which is 200 MB (since I'm mostly on wifi), shows usage of 34 of 200 MB which somewhat matches up with what I see on website usage detail. 




1. If, original data plan is over, shouldn't overage charge incur 200 MB? not 1024 MB? (I'm pretty sure since I have experienced paying overage usage one time) 


2. Why is the number of this "data overage plan" going up and down as day goes by? I had it up to 5 MB and now it is back to 1 MB... 


3. I have disabled text messaging plan and changed to pay-per-use (since I'm not a heavy texting person). Website shows that I have used up to 6 as of today.. Guess what I'm seeing on the app, "0"! 


As far as noticing all this, I've concluded that it may be glitches from the app, so I deleted the app, reinstalled it back to the iphone.. and I still see this... So I called AT&T, three times, asking where this "data overage packs" is coming from.


Answers I got back was, that both of my data plan (btw, I do have family plan and has two line of iphone) has not max out. Well... that isn't really the question I asked! So I asked specifically, how to get rid of this "data overage plan" off the AT&T app. and one of the answer was to talk to Apple... Isn't AT&T app developed by AT&T? So I asked if I can talk to software developer for AT&T app and rep was saying she would have to speak to her manager and would give me a call back. Well, it has been 2 days since I spoke with this last person.... 


Has anyone seen what I have seen? any resolution? or if any of AT&T employee is reading this, can someone please help? 




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Re: Glitch in iphone AT&T app?

I've seen the same fallacious behavior for about the past two weeks.  Hopefully they'll fix it.  In the meantime, I'd suggest you use the full HTML OLAM site in Safari, which is accurate.

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Re: Glitch in iphone AT&T app?

I recall seeing a similar issue a while back. If you have not went past your data limit, you will have nothing to worry about when your bill arrives. Smiley Wink Another form of checking data is by dialing *3282# from your AT&T mobile device. A free text message will be sent to your phone outlining your current usage. Smiley Wink

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