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Getting charged for spam texts


Getting charged for spam texts

I am trying to help out my mom here. She is getting a fair number of spam texts (at least ten per month) and she is also on PAYG texting, which means each message costs her 25 cents. Now, it's not that large an amount, but it's almost as if money is being stolen from her. Is there any easier way than calling CARE to have these charges removed?


BTW ATT, if you really wanna be innovative, you'd modify your 7726 number to also block the phone number and automatically credit the account for that text.

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Re: Getting charged for spam texts

I am only aware of calling or using the online chat function found under the "My Account" bottom right.


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Re: Getting charged for spam texts

Unfortunately, there doesn't currently exist a way for the wireless carriers to "block" texts on a per-user basis. And even so, spammers will just find some other way to do it.


I would recommend turning off texts altogether so she's not charged and she never gets them 


She might want to change her number and never give it out to anyone but family/friends and use Google Voice as her "public" number.

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