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General texting issues


General texting issues

I have kind of a wierd/hard to explain problem.  I subscribed to Cingular/ATT in Dec. 2006 and was able to send and recieve text messages all the time without having a plan in place (I paid per message).  This worked until about September 2007.  At this point I could send messages and it would say "message sent" but the desired number would never get the message.  The same would happen if a different number sent a message to me.  However, I recieved a messasge from ATT when they got my rebate.
I was wondering what I can do to fix this, and preferably, would buying an unlimited texting plan fix this problem?
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Re: General texting issues

Best bet would be to call customer service, they can give perform the proper troubleshooting.  Sometimes removing a feature and adding it back on can temporarily fix an issue, but if you weren't able to send or receive messages on a pay-per-use basis you most likely won't be able to on the unlimited messaging feature.  I suggest you speak to a rep so they can check the settings in the system and on your phone and test it out for you, too.  **Make sure to call from another phone with your phone in hand**
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