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Galaxy S3

   Does anybody know If the Galaxy S3 is going to be available with 32GB internal memory with AT&T?

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So far, the answer is no. No details are out yet for the red version that comes later this summer.
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Everything I have read so far indicates that Verizon, Tmob, and Sprint are going to be offering the 32gb but ATT is not.  That's at least for the June launch.  It's always possible that the red version which will be an exclusive ATT phone will have 32gb but no information has been released about that yet.  Oh and Dropbox 50gb for two years is also not coming to ATT!  Boo!


Worst case scenario here...  16gb + 64gb microsd is still a crapload of storage.  That's what I plan on getting.  Don't forget you also get 2gb ram.  I thought my Nexus would suffer with only 16gb of storage (no microsd slot) but so far I'm not having any issues. I would love to have a 32gb S3 but instead of waiting on something that may or may not be available, I'll stick with 16+64.  Already got the sandisk card so now it's just a waiting game for the phone.



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Re: Galaxy S3

Same here.  I purchased a 64gb card to beef it up.  I'm coming from an iPhone 4S 64gb with 5 full length movies (2 HD), 6 TV shows, and 1432 songs and I still had 5 gigs free.  I can't imagine missing out on a possible 16 extra gigs (if they release a 32 later) as something I'm going to loose sleep over.  

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Re: Galaxy S3

can you only store data on the additional microsd cards or can apps run there too? I'm just curious if there is a difference. I don't imagine having over 16GB of apps, but thought I would ask...

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Re: Galaxy S3

you can move apps to the sd card.  I'm not sure if this requires root or not but it can be done with programs such as Titanium Backup.  Check youtube and google for exact how-to information.  I have a nexus right now waiting on the S3 to be available and the nexus does not have any external sd card ports so I cannot post step by step for you.

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