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Galaxy S3 bricked after ATT Update


Galaxy S3 bricked after ATT Update

A few days ago, my phone started pushing an update on my phone, and since then my phone has been turning off or resetting by itself.


Now it has gotten to the point where I can't even turn my phone on at all. The "Samsung" and the "Galaxy SIII" screens pop up for a few seconds, but it doesn't progress past that. 

Does anyone know what's going on? I'd like my phone to not be a brick because of a forced update. 

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Re: Galaxy S3 bricked after ATT Update

Hello jracadio, welcome to the forum and thank you for the post!


I'm so sorry your phone is not working after an update. Unfortunately, it sounds like a warranty issue at this point and you will need to contact our warranty department for troubleshooting or replacement. Please call 1-800-331-0500 to get in touch with technical support and warranty department.


Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks again,


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Re: Galaxy S3 bricked after ATT Update

after installing a software update on my s3 i started having problems with my phone also. It started dropping calls and getting all kinds of static.After numerous attempts to solve the phone issues, At&t sent a warranty phone which is not a brand new phone but a "refurbished" one. Now with this new phone I'm getting the software update message again but I'm not taking a chance of screwing this phone up too

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Re: Galaxy S3 bricked after ATT Update

I just got my refurb phone for the same issues. If refuse the update won't it just download on its own? Also if we don't update to 4.1.2 will it keep us from getting the 4.3 that is around the corner.
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Re: Galaxy S3 bricked after ATT Update

jracadio wrote:


Does anyone know what's going on? I'd like my phone to not be a brick because of a forced update. 

Its probably not a brick, if the screen comes on.  A brick is a phone that is not recoverable unless you open the phone.


Try to restore using Kies:


Its not that unusual of a problem.  If it failed to update the OS properly, and if it only partially updated, than the OS is not intact, and therefore the phone will not be able to boot into the OS.  


I'm surprised that the CM suggested to resort to a warranty swap, before trying the common recovery methods.

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Re: Galaxy S3 bricked after ATT Update

My s4 was 'updated' from mdl to mf3. I did not ask or give permission for this 'update'. Now my phone locks up at any old time.vdrops calls. Gets stuck when startingbup so that I havevto remove the battery and startbover. I would give anything tojust go back to stock mdl which is what I had and loved. Now I hate this phone. It is a headache and not a pleasure to use. ATY-YOU MADE A MISTAKE FOING THIS AND I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS SENTIMENT.
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