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Galaxy S3 32 GB option

Galaxy S3 32 GB option

Sorry if this has already been asked/stated, but I read somewhere that AT&T will not have the 32GB GS3 for sale ever.


Is this true? I know you can buy microsd cards so it's not a huge deal, just curious. I'm thinking of changing from my iphone due to the iOS 6 upgrade and the rumors of just elongating the screen for the iphone 5. 



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Re: Galaxy S3 32 GB option

ATT is not offering the 32Gb. I did read, that they are offering a 16Gb micro sd to go with it... NOT sure if the card is free with purchase, or there's an additional charge for it.
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Re: Galaxy S3 32 GB option

The article that I read stated it would be $40 for the 16 GB card.


I'm not sure if there are different variants of SD cards or not. Would any microsd card work with the phone?

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