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Galaxy S2 Vs. Nexus Prime


Galaxy S2 Vs. Nexus Prime

I bought the Galaxy S2 on the release date but I'm really reconsidering my purchase as I'm looking at the Nexus Prime. I waited for the S2 release because I wanted a "future proof" phone. However, I've heard that AT&T is very slow to release Android updates, and I don't want to wait around to get Ice Cream Sandwich when it will be available on the Nexus Prime at release. 

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Re: Galaxy S2 Vs. Nexus Prime

LuvrGirl wrote:


Anybody have any other info, any leaks as to a possible release date for the LTE version? Or do we have to wait until they announce LTE in our area? I'm so over my BB... :/

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Re: Galaxy S2 Vs. Nexus Prime


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