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Galaxy S2 - Gmail and Email Applications and Contact List

Galaxy S2 - Gmail and Email Applications and Contact List

I have two gmail e-mail accounts set up on my phone, one using the Gmail app, and the other using the Email app.  I really do like the Email app better, mainly because when I am composing a new message, there is a button to select from my contact list.  When I compose in the Gmail app, there is no button - I have to start typing a name to select that name from my contact list.  There is no easy way to select multiple names from my contact list, like there is using the Email app.


Is there some way to quickly select multiple names in the Gmail app?


Is there some way I can have two Email app shortcut buttons on my home screen, each using a different gmail account?


Is my Gmail app not set up correctly?  I don't see an option for this.


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