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Galaxy S2 Bluetooth Connetivity Problems?


Galaxy S2 Bluetooth Connetivity Problems?

My 2007 Toyota Camry has Bluetooth for handsfree talk, but not for audio.  So late last year, I bought a TuneLink for Android.  It fits in the head of a power adapter that plugs into my car's "cigarette lighter" power port and then connects to the line-in jack (3.5mm), giving me Bluetooth music capability.  I've been having more and more problems with this setup where the two devices seem to just stop communicating.  Sometimes I can unplug the TuneLink and plug it back in to reconnect.  Other times I must reboot the phone.  This happens nearly every day that I use the device!  I assumed it was the TuneLink's problem and I sent it back and got a second unit.  This one, like the last, worked nearly flawlessly for a few weeks.  Then the same issues returned.


Now, I know this sounds very much like a problem with the TuneLink, *but* in the past week I've had my first issues with the connection between my phone and my car's Bluetooth.  Occasionally, the connection just quits working.  I've had to either reboot the phone, or turn the car off and back on (never while driving, of course).


So it seems a bit like it's the phone.  My issue is that I don't have another phone that does Bluetooth for music.  So I'm having a tough time determining the cause.  My phone runs stock Android 2.3.6.


Are there logs I can look at for some clues?  Should I try to reset/reinstall the phone's OS?  Suggestions?

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Re: Galaxy S2 Bluetooth Connetivity Problems?



Thought it was just me with this problem !!


I have a BMW 320d ED (2011) and a Tunelink Android which I use with my Samsung Galaxy S2( running ICS).


Worked Ok for a few weeks but then suffers disconnects (from the A2DP audio only - voice control via a separate bluetooth handsfree device continues to work ok).


I replaced the TuneLink and this worked for a few weeks and then started doing the same thing.


Like you - sometimes unplugging and reconnecting the TuneLink works. Other times I had to reboot the phone.


I suspect it's an inherent problem in the TuneLink as I tried using a Griffin iTrip with a Bluetooth Adapter connected and that ran fine with no dropouts whatsoever.



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Re: Galaxy S2 Bluetooth Connetivity Problems?

Android Gingerbread 2.3.6 was uploaded by AT&T, then may be it was discard from their server due to Gingerbread 2.3.6 problem inside. you may try to reset your phone in Gingerbread 2.3.5
Thanx in Advance
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Re: Galaxy S2 Bluetooth Connetivity Problems?

ICS for Samsung Galaxy SII still not uploaded in AT&T server. So the problem may be inside the ICS of your Galaxy SII
Thanx in Advance
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Re: Galaxy S2 Bluetooth Connetivity Problems?

My second TuneLink is now so bad I can hardly use it.  I've resorted to manually plugging the cable into the headphone jack.  Frustrating!

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Re: Galaxy S2 Bluetooth Connetivity Problems?

The Bluetooth implementation in UCKK6 has some major flaws (including HID devices being completely broken).


You may have much better experience with ported I9100 firmware (like XWLA4, IMO the best Gingerbread release for GSII devices) or XXLPS (ICS).


This reminds me, I need to update my porting tools this weekend.  I should've done it ages ago considering how awful UCKK6 is.  Smiley Sad

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