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Galaxy S II difference between models


Galaxy S II difference between models

I've been waiting for the new S II Skyrocket, and now decided to go with the previous one. ATT corporate stores don't have it. Best Buy has it, but different models are listed - Model: i777  and Model: SAM T989 Galaxy S II. What the difference between these two?

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Re: Galaxy S II difference between models

12Chris34 wrote:


What determines when Android is upgraded on any particular smartphone?

Many factors influence it.

1)  Manufacturer themselves - some aren't good about updates, however Samsung themselves are great about it if external factors don't come into play.

2)  The device itself - if it is a major flagship device with lots of sales, it's more likely to get updates.

3)  Carriers.  Some carriers delay updates more than others.  AT&T is notorious for being the worst carrier in the United States in these regards, and United States carriers generally have a bad reputation compared to the rest of the world.  We're about the only market where major carrier customization/mangling is common.  As an example, someone did an analysis of what Android devices received Android 2.2 (Froyo) in 2010 - AT&T was dead last with ZERO Froyo upgrades by the end of 2010.


The AT&T delay issue is why I no longer touch devices that don't have a high degree of commonality with an international flagship version.  The Infuse was a nightmare, porting firmware from the I9100 to I777 is EASY.


AT&T claims that they hold back updates like this for quality reasons, but that's clearly not the truth, considering how any AT&T variant of firmware is full of bugs NOT present in the original international versions.  For I777, as an example - AT&T bloatware apps, AP Mobile widget, PIN pattern timeout bug, battery life - it turns out that even after a massive and aggressive debloating of AT&T stock firmware, there's STILL something in there that eats battery.  It's not huge (on the order of half a percent an hour in good signal, 1-1.5%/hour in weak signal) compared to the battery capacity, but compared to what the device can do when running a hastily ported XXKI3 ROM from the I9100, it's massive - The I777 running an XXKI3 (I9100 ROM ported to I777) is the first device to achieve drain less than 1%/hour at my desk at work (which has extremely weak signal) - it's usually 1.5-2%/hour there.

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Re: Galaxy S II difference between models

More bad news for the Skyrocket:


AT&T put Carrier IQ into the thing.  Enjoy the spyware, Skyrocket owners!

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Re: Galaxy S II difference between models

Yep, to log every site, place and app you go to:


"We know you don't just want data, you want to solve business problems and identify new business opportunities. The IQ Insight application suite uses data from the MSIP to deliver true Actionable Intelligence, tailored to specific business areas. From the performance information to support the launch of a new phone or service to historical information to understand in detail customer behavior and usage patterns, the IQ Insight suite cuts through the complexity to allow you to focus on critical business issues, create and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and all in the knowledge that the data is measured at the point the customer experienced it – in the phone."

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Re: Galaxy S II difference between models

oh and this too looks really invasive:


Visualize Service Quality and
Performance as Delivered to Users

IQ Insight Service Analyzer delivers the next level of visibility into mobile service quality and performance. Based on Carrier IQ's leading Mobile Service Intelligence Platform, IQ Insight Service Analyzer uses data directly from the mobile phone to give a precise view of service performance as experienced by the subscriber of clear insight into the detailed interactions between the service and device.

With services becoming more diverse and complex, monitoring and systematically improving performance is increasingly challenging. Sampling techniques such as focus groups and drive tests provide localized data only, not the detailed view of the services as delivered to the whole customer base that you need. IQ Insight Service Analyzer delivers quality and performance information, measured at the point of delivery – in the mobile phone – to provide an unparalleled level of quantitative information on which to base business

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Re: Galaxy S II difference between models

Carrier IQ is probably here to stay. I've never heard of it until now, but, you can bet it will probably be in most, if not every smartphone from here on out. So, unless you plan on staying with the OGSGII, you'll have to deal with it sooner or later.
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Re: Galaxy S II difference between models

This is just to enhance the smartphone experience...not. Isn't that special. So ya think this is gonna be integrated in the next version of android? How conveeenient!

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Re: Galaxy S II difference between models

Not only every site, place, and app, but every launch, tap, activity, and close while in those apps, secure or otherwise.


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