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Galaxy S II 2.3.6 update kills battery life

Galaxy S II 2.3.6 update kills battery life

I am really disappointed with both AT&T and Samsung for releasing this official update and then not even admitting that they have a problem.  My battery life was cut in half immediately after I received the official 2.3.6 update.  Even when the phone is on standby it will now barely last 12 hours.  Prior to the update I only had to charge it every other day.  Has anyone been able to get AT&T to admit that the 2.3.6 ROM is the problem or have you all been told the phone/battery needs to be replaced?

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Re: Galaxy S II 2.3.6 update kills battery life

Looks like I spoke too soon.  Same thing happening where the Android OS is taking most of the battery life.  I thought it may be because I killed a bunch of processes instead of the WI-FI fix, but I tried doing the same thing and the OS is still taking most of the battery life.  Not sure why it seemed to work the first time around.  Checked settings and WI-FI is to only work when the screen is on.  I can't even get a day with minimal usage out of a full charge.  I got to admit though, voice recognition does seem to work better, although I really don't use it.

I am very unhappy that AT&T 'hijacked' my phone and forced these updates on my phone and harassed the living h*ll out of me by having my phone vibrate and dump me out of what I may have been doing a couple of times a day until I finally caved in and installed the update.  Now I have to deal with this crap, where as before everything was OK.

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Re: Galaxy S II 2.3.6 update kills battery life

I have just recently noticed this problem as well. I did the software update a few days ago. I hardly use my phone at all during the day but by the end of the day the battery is critical.


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Re: Galaxy S II 2.3.6 update kills battery life

I called them today about this issue and the person told me they have not received any complaints about this battery issue. He was probably just following a templated response, but we need people to call and complain directly not just in these forum that looks like noone is following from ATT.  

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Re: Galaxy S II 2.3.6 update kills battery life

Even if (that's a big IF) AT&T is going to fix this problem starting today, it will still take about 3 months from now to have a new firmware rolled out (that's how long typically the process will take) at the best. That will also mean they will have to stop the ICS upgrade testing process while testing this interim firmware fix. So, that's a further delay on ICS.


Nothing good can come out of it. And I'm pretty sure AT&T will ignore all the complaints (as they always do) as long as it doesn't affect the bottom line.

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Re: Galaxy S II 2.3.6 update kills battery life

Last month, I bought my first smartphone... the Galaxy S II (not skyrocket)...  for two main reasons... AT&T had online-only sale on it for $9.99 and AT&T's press release includes SGSII in their ICS list. 


So I am seeing this problem, it looks like (phone out of the box has 2.3.6).


Can AT&T give a reply here stating that they are aware of this at least and its on a list....?

I'm not holding my breath for if/when it might be fixed, I understand foxbat121's comments, but it would be nice to know its on a AT&T/Samsung to-do list.

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Re: Galaxy S II 2.3.6 update kills battery life

It doesn't appear to be on AT&T's to-do list.  In fact it seems to be at the top of "break ALL THE ANDROID DEVICES and keep Apple happy!" list for them.


It's on Samsung's "We already fixed it and released updated firmware to international customers" list.


This was a problem in I9100 XWKK5 and I777 UCKK6.  It was SOLVED in I9100 XWKL1 (first build of December 2011 for Europe.)


AT&T has SOLE responsibility for the fact that their users must continue to deal with this issue unless they wish to void their warranty by installing ported international firmware.

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Re: Galaxy S II 2.3.6 update kills battery life

I agree entropy. att is run by clowns who don't give a darn about its users. Pretty sad for such a big company. You would think that keeping their customers happy would be priority #1. I guess not.
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Re: Galaxy S II 2.3.6 update kills battery life

Behold the beauty of the oligopoly!  So few carriers exist here that they don't really need to compete.  Your disgruntleds move to one of a few competitors and your competitors' disgruntleds will come to you.  Everybody wins (the companies, that is).


True competition tends to drive prices down while adding features.  What we have in the U.S. mobile market, on the other hand, does neither.

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Re: Galaxy S II 2.3.6 update kills battery life

Yup.  I'm seeing reports that the I777 ICS leak may have the same problems...


Fail.  Samsung fixed it back in December for I9100 Gingerbread, and I9100 ICS has none of the same issues...


Great going AT&T.

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Re: Galaxy S II 2.3.6 update kills battery life

  Just got off the phone with ATT.  After I explained the problem, ATT pointed finger at Samsung as expected.  Instead of being forced to hangup and call Samsung, ATT was willing to do a 3 way call with samsung. 


  After I explained the issue to Samsung, he indicated that it was a "software" issue and has nothing to do with Samsung as Samsung didn't create that software.  Samsung and ATT cannot tell me who is responsible if there is a software issue at this point.  I asked to be escalated and now waiting for call in 72 hours.


  My feeling is that ATT should be providing a better level of service to a customer that can no longer use the phone that he purchased and still pay for monthly.  It is sad that there are just a bunch of finger pointing and no one is willing to take ownership of the issue.  Not as if this issue is hard to spot (even though ATT claim that they have never heard of this).



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Re: Galaxy S II 2.3.6 update kills battery life

Did you mention, with AT&T and Samsung listening, that I9100 XWKL1 and XWLA4 fixed this issue?


Feel free to give them my contact info - I've got some pretty detailed info on the nature of the issue.  I will PM you my email address.


Technically, the problem lies with Broadcom software (probably the wifi chip firmware) - but Samsung DOES have fixed firmware in their possession and it is present in their Gingerbread XWKL1 and XWLA4 releases.

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Re: Galaxy S II 2.3.6 update kills battery life

Thank you Entropy.  I did mention those information but I was told that since Samsung and ATT are not the "software creater", it is not their responsibility.  I kindly asked who would be responsible in this case, neither Samsung or ATT were able to find the information but ATT has escalated that to "urgent care management case" and will get back to me in 72 hours.

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Re: Galaxy S II 2.3.6 update kills battery life

As the entity releasing the complete firmware package, it is Samsung's responsibility to integrate and test the components within that package.  If one of those components (such as the Broadcom BCM4330 firmware) misbehaves, it is their responsibility to put pressure on their vendor to fix the problem.


If a fixed version of the Broadcom firmware that did not exhibit this problem did not exist, then Samsung might have a leg to stand on here - However, fixed Broadcom firmware IS available, and Samsung IS in possession of said firmware and released it as part of the I9100 XWKL1 and XWLA4 firmware packages, among others.


Given that Samsung fixed this problem in December 2011 with the XWKL1 firmware release (and later releases) for the GT-I9100, responsibility for this faulty update and the lack of any fixes from December 2011 until April 2012 lies ENTIRELY with AT&T.

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Re: Galaxy S II 2.3.6 update kills battery life

Sorry for not reporting back earlier.  I finally got a call back from ATT 2 days ago.  The customer representative started with "well, it is a battery issue and you have a smartphone which battery can be used up quickly".  I explained the whole thing again to her and she basically just totally cut me off and said "well you can still use your phone can't you?".  What the heck kind of customer service is that? I was pretty upset at that point and asked for her supervisor.  She then promised to do more research and get back to me yesterday.  Also to add, she also claims that ATT has never heard of such issue just like all of you.


She called me today offering to replace my phone with another model which I consider an acceptable solution if there is a phone that I deem comparable or better.  She sent me a list to look over which consist of 7 free phones, atrix2, gs2 and infuse.  All of them are older and inferior phones that ATT has to offer.  Some of them don't even run gingerbread, or not supporting hspa+.  The only ones that is even close to galaxy s2 is samsung infuse and motorola atrix which i still consider inferior (someone please give me their opinion on this).  I understand the GS2 is one of the best phones out still but at least throw in skyrocket or note to be fair.  What is a motorola flipside, you got to be kidding me? I don't think I can take the offer.


[Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate]. because I strongly believe that it is not right that I was forced to update (with the annoying intrusive reminder), then it rendered my phone almost useless.  The agreement between ATT and the consumers needs to be more balanced to protect both party, not just one.  I can totally root my phone and flash a custom rom to fix the issue, but fairness and accountability is the principle here.  Frankly if their customer service is more caring than combative I might be less inclined to do so in this case.  I don't understand why they insist on convincing a customer to be at fault in this case and that I have to take some kind of workaround or take a loss of value here.

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Re: Galaxy S II 2.3.6 update kills battery life

Ask for a refund on the cost of the phone, use it to buy an HSPA Galaxy Nexus or international Galaxy Note (GT-N7000).


I know of one guy who did that.


AT&T are clearly clueless - this smartphone is NOT a fundamental battery drainer as anyone running international firmwares on it can attest (My drain when connected to a wifi network is less than 0.5%/hour), but the UCKK6 update is COMPLETELY BROKEN.


Firmwares that I've confirmed work fine:

I9100 XWKL1

I9100 XWLA4

I9100 XXLPQ and XWLP2, XWLP7 seems good too

Cyanogenmod 9 mostly works - there's a small issue that was present in XXKI3 but it's not the main issue UCKK6 has.


Firmwares confirmed to be broken:



(note a pattern here - all built in mid-late November.)

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