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Galaxy S 2 user manual

Galaxy S 2 user manual

Just got my Galaxy S2 phone and am very satisfied (after returning the first one) with

the features and the apearance and now the performance of the phone.  


I am NOT satisfied with the fact that there is NO user manual included.  I know I can

download one from the Samsung site, but I can't print it in the size of the other manuals

I have always had with my other Samsung, LG and other phones I've had.  I take it 

with me when travelling and keep it close at hand at home until I am able to get a

reasonable grasp of the features I need.  I can put a copy on the phone, but that is 

cumbersome to refer to while trying a feature on the phone.


What is so ridiculous about this is back when the flip phones and dumb phones were sold,

there was a user manual of some 70 to 100 pages, and now that the smartphones are out, with 

ten times as many features, there is no user manual.


This is my first smartphone, and I don't like to waste a lot of time fooling around with it, but would

RTFM as a first choice.  This is not a toy, I depend on my phone for my business, and the less

time I spend experimenting, the more time I have for my business.


Did anyone else get a user manual with their GS2 ?  

Any suggestions on how toget one ?  Or am I the only one who cares?

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Re: Galaxy S 2 user manual

Yeah, I got those 70 page or so manuals with the early phones too. Know whatya mean. I downloaded the pdf, which is kinds cool in some can set the screen size, go to whatever page you want, and don't have to deal with tiny one size fits all print. But we gotta do with what we have. Better 'n nuthin.

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Re: Galaxy S 2 user manual

The companies save paper by not including the full manual. Download it from Samsung's website or ATT's if they have the link on the phone's support page.

Then you can also save it to your phone for easy access any time.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Galaxy S 2 user manual

So why do they inclide a Safety and Warranty manual printed in 2 languages ?


If paper saving is the goal, why not just put a blurb in the Quicj Start guide that

gives a URL to D/L what you want?


Go figure



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Re: Galaxy S 2 user manual

Maybe they are legally required to include a printed Safety and Warranty manual?
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