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GS2 & wifi.


GS2 & wifi.

So I finally got this phone today, and so far I love it! So far the only problem I have is the wifi.


I noticed that the wifi signal on my GS2 is weaker than my i-devices. I also checked the signal on a laptop, and its stronger there too. Googling has lead me to believe this is not just my GS2 - but I'm not sure what to do or if theres anything I can do? Has anyone else noticed this with their phones?





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Re: GS2 & wifi.

I have, per Samsung, tried a battery pull, and that did not help. Smiley Sad I love this phone, but I need it to cooperate with the wifi, should I exchange it?

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Re: GS2 & wifi.

I've found that my GS2 sometimes underreports signal strength for some reason - but despite the signal strength being reported low it works fine.

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Re: GS2 & wifi.

As long as it works, That's what counts. And unlike i-Devices, GS2 has dual-band wi-fi chip and can connect to 5GHz wi-fi if you wish to.

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Re: GS2 & wifi.

Yeah...  I keep on connecting to my 2.4 GHz AP out of habit - partly because it has stronger signal.


(This is not normal - my 2.4 GHz AP is connected to a 500 mW amp that's feeding a sector antenna.  It will stop beating the 5 GHz AP when I stop being lazy and order an antenna for the Ubiqiti Rocket M5 I have.)

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Re: GS2 & wifi.

5GHz signal drops off sharply as distance and/or obstacles increase anyway. I have a dual band router. 10 feet away in another room, my 5G signal is half of 2.4G signal.

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Re: GS2 & wifi.

True, on the other hand, the 5 GHz band has FAR less interference.


I only use the 5 GHz unit for streaming high definition ATSC recordings to my laptop - for everything else, the amp + antenna wins.  Smiley Happy


This will change once I get the Rocket set up and it has the same gain and transmit power as the old Buffalo...

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