GPRS charges?


GPRS charges?

i have pay as you go and have unlimited texting now.  i always send pics, sounds, videos, etc., and when it has been sent, it will say  "the last transaction was $0.00" well, i still have my unlimited messaging plan, and sent a pic and sound a little bit ago, and it said that my last transaction was $2.14. well i signed onto my account, and it said GPRS cll duration 3 minutes and 34 seconds.  it never did that before.  what should i do? should i call them up and see if i can get that reimbursed?  i didnt ask for it to use GPRS and i dont think thats fair when i paid for unlimited messaging already.  please help.  thanks.
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Re: GPRS charges?

The time limit is not charged anything.  If the picture is more than 300Kb, then the pic will be counted as data and charged accordingly.
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