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GPRS charge


GPRS charge

I got a message that i was being charged $4.44 for gprs access, but as far as i know i haven't used it.  i'm not traveling, just at home.  or was looking at my e-mail inbox the reason?  does that cost so much for a minute?

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Re: GPRS charge

If you're not connected to wi-fi and AT&T doesn't consider your phone a smartphone, then the charge is $0.01/5KB. That $4.44 is equivalent to around 2MB of data use. Yep, checking your email can certainly use that. Heck, I think I normally use 10MB or so when checking my email (a bunch of messages with a lot of graphics).
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Re: GPRS charge

thanks for the info, but what can i do?  i do have a smartphone, a samsung galaxy clone, with the at&t simcard i've used in several earlier phones with no charges like this.  i was sitting right next to my home router when i looked at my e-mail on the cellphone, just to see if i was connected -- and then the charge came up.  do i need to change settings or something?

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Re: GPRS charge

Try going to settings and turn OFF DATA .  You will still be able to connect to your wifi.

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Re: GPRS charge

thanks!  i don't see any setting called DATA, but i can turn off the wi-fi -- is that what you mean?  i turned off something called 'gprs transfer prefer' and it informed me that the 'data transmission rate will decline'.  

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