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GOPHONE SIM CARD activation in Canada ?


GOPHONE SIM CARD activation in Canada ?

I have a property in Florida (so a mailing address in Florida). I am currently in Canada and I will spend the next two weeks in Florida. I bought a att sim card to use in Florida.

Is it possible to activate this card when I am in Canada ? where I have to wait to be in the United States with the ATT network.

I activated the phone, I have my phone number, but the network of Canada is unable to provide a phone number to my sim card.

I am unable to retrieve the password sent by SMS GoPhone therefore unable to add money to my account GOPHONE.

Is when I'm on the road in the United States with the ATT network, I can complete my setup?


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Re: GOPHONE SIM CARD activation in Canada ?

Last I checked there was no Canadian coverage for GoPhone.  If your phone is 3g, trying going to manual network selection and trying Bell and Telus.  I doubt it will work, but you don't have any downside.  If 3g isn't essential (or you have a 1700mhz HSPA phone laying around), go with TMobile.  It will roam in Canada.  While the rates are higher than domestic (apx. $0.45 a minute to use it in Canada), it will get the job done. 

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