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Further roll-out in Montana??


Further roll-out in Montana??

Anyone have an idea when the rest of southwest Montana (besides Missoula) will be authorized for MicroCell? We have a home south of Cameron in the Madison Valley with no AT&T coverage at our property - the cell tower is blocked by a hill. The Verizon version works like a champ but we prefer not to switch off of AT&T. I thought the Alltel purchase was complete (Bozeman, north of us, already has AT&T stores). Anyone have a feel for how long it will take for the company to update the "authorized" zip codes in their systems???
Is there a technical reason it is taking so long to roll out to areas where AT&T is already providing service?
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Re: Further roll-out in Montana??

I have the same question. I switched from Verizon to ATT because of the Alltel buyout and lost my Verizon femtocell capability here in the Big Hole. You would think they could just flip a switch to allow activation.
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