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Frustrated with AT&T


Frustrated with AT&T

Since becoming an AT&T Internet user in December 2010, I have had to call in every month to get my bill corrected just to pay whay I really owed on my bill. I moved in July 2011 from Clinton to Jackson, MS and AT&T never disconnected service but called me when a new person moved to my old address to set up a new service address--that is when they finally disconnected service. So at that point I had two account numbers, had been paying on old instead of new account and then received final bill after calling in continuously.


Recently, I paid $58.26 on the old account, and was given a credit of $28.56. I receive 2 final notices threatening to tun off new service if old bill is not paid. They say I owe $133.66 on old bill and one fee is becasue I had service disconnected. I never disconnected any service, only transferred my existing service and becasue the tranfer was from Clinton to Jackson, they gave me a new account number. I keep calling in only to speak to reps that cannot assist me and aked could I speak to a manager. Can you beleive there was not one manager to speak to me. I left my name and call back number 48 hours ago and was ensured a manager would call me within 24 hours. I have yet to hear back from AT&T. The onlt thing good about this whole situation is that I keep everything, so I have payment confirmations and if they look in the system they will see that I call in every month since 2010. I want to terminate services immediately and go to Comcast, at least I know I don't have to call in every month about a billing issue.


Why is AT&T threatening to interrupt service on my new account becasue of their incompetence?


Agry customer,



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Re: Frustrated with AT&T

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