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Frustrated Please help


Frustrated Please help

I have been an AT&T customer for more than 3 years with an iPhone on the prepaid Go Phone plan. I recently purchased a new AT&T phone on a 2 year contract when my iPhone stopped functioning. When I purchased the new phone (from Dell) and activated it through AT&T on Dell's website I was presented with three options.


  • Start a new contract
  • Upgrade a phone on an existing contract
  • Port an existing number to AT&T

I first attempted to port my number from my AT&T Go Phone, but could not. So, I tried the upgrade method and was also denied. I was left with only one alternative, start a new contract. Before I did this, I decided to check with a CSR from AT&T Go Phone customer service who assured me that I would be able to transfer my number to the new phone once it arrived

Yesterday I received my new phone. I attempted to transfer the Go Phone number by using the 611 service on my new contract phone, but the CSR was unable to transfer the number from the Go Phone to the new contract phone. She told me that I could go to an AT&T store and that they could perform the transfer there. So, I went to my nearest AT&T store and asked if they could transfer the number. They told me that they also could not transfer the number. They told me that If I ported my Go Phone number to another service provider (like Cricket), they could then transfer the Go Phone number (now a Cricket number?!?!) to my new contract AT&T phone with relative ease.

That is simply ridiculous. Can someone explain to me how it is easier to transfer a number from another wireless company to AT&T than from an existing AT&T phone? I have tried to follow every procedure explained to me by AT&T CSR's and have only found obstacles and excuses as to why something that should be pretty simple can't be done. What do I need to do to transfer my existing AT&T Go Phone number to my new AT&T contract phone? Please can someone, anyone at AT&T help me with this? I cannot believe that this process is so difficult.


Thank you

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