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Frustrated Beyond Measure


Frustrated Beyond Measure

Trying to transfer or accept billing responsibility and I have to literally take a identity test. Yep not only did they check my credit again I had to take an identity verification test. I am bewildered at the questions I was asked which included how much is my mortgage payment, what bank do I have a loan with among other questions and answering all questions I still can't finish the TOBR.......  After an hour and 15 minutes on the phone I am told I am sorry but you must go to our local store to finish your transfer so they can verify your identity. What the heck??? Why did I just spend an 1 1/2 answering all kinds of questions and talking with several different representatives to have you tell me that I have to physically go to the store in the mall.  I understand that transferring lines can be a little complicated thus the 3 phone calls and 4 representative and a week later. But I don't want to go in the store and find a parking place during the holiday season in the cold and wait in line for God knows how long and then to have that person take an 1 1/2 to tell me that they can't assist me and to call the 800#. This is frustrating beyond belief. How can a business operate with policies to protect the consumer but end up frustrating the consumer to the point that we are willing to pay our cancel fee of $500 and take our business elsewhere. I have had this account for over  ten 10 years and in that time AT&T was bought and sold I think 3x and policies changing for the worse and not the better.  I can honestly say I have had enough. I am not trying to buy a car, a piece of jewelry it is a assumption of a stupid phone. Unfortunately we live in a corporate world with corporate policies which 80% of the time customer service is not a factor in determining the policies. At what point do you stop quoting policies that pop up on the screen and actually give good old fashion customer service.

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Re: Frustrated Beyond Measure

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. But those questions are designed to prevent someone from pretending to be you starting service in your name. I know that its frustrating, but its designed for your security. And if for some reason those questions are not answered correctly ( they are a bit obscure ) then you have to go to the store with ID to prove you are who you say you are. It seems a bit irritating, but imagine if steps like this weren't taken and someone stole your identity and started service (or added lines to your current account) and you only find out about it when the bill is higher or you get a notice from att or some collection agency for an account you didn't start or even know about.
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Re: Frustrated Beyond Measure

I will never understand why people complain about security measures. They do it to protect the consumer. Anyone could call in and claim to be you and set up an account In your name, if companies did not require proof that you are who you say you are. I had to go through those questions too, and then go to a store show I.d. This is time consuming, sure, but imagine if they allowed someone to set up an account in your name because they didn't require proof of identity. That would take a lot more time and headaches to fix.
Did you go to the store afterwards? I would think you'd just need to give them your identification.
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Re: Frustrated Beyond Measure

As imstef and thatsmyname mentioned, these measures are in place for account security. 


I know it's frustrating to have to go through a bunch of verification stuff for what seems like a simple process but it is extremely important.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of people try to socially engineer information from companies so it's necessary to have strict policies in place. It's not just about the phone, it's about the account information and what someone could do with that information. 




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