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Free MicroCell


Free MicroCell

Yes! Yes! Yes! ive posted this in 2 locations but i felt it wa important enough to do...



Has anyone read this: -gifts-iphone-user-with-free-3g-microcell out-free-3g-microcells-to-loyal-customers



Id like to know how to get my own MicroCell tower. I have been anextremely loyal customer for the amount of issues I have experianced.

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Re: Free MicroCell

I just saw this.  I need to start reading the mail at&t sends because I want one too!

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Re: Free MicroCell

ive read about it
i dont think id get one bc i live in an area that has great coverage
nor would i need one anyways

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Re: Free MicroCell

I totally deserve one. My cabin gets 1 bar on edge outside. Barely enough signal to send / receive texts... I'm very loyal and with a bill of $200 /month I deserve it.
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Re: Free MicroCell

All the 3G microcell is is a different kind of router.  You need a broadband connection to use it, so if you have an iPhone 4, you could just use your WiFi, unless you want to make calls, then that's a different story.

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Re: Free MicroCell

I totally would take one of these. it would solve almost all the issues i report to AT&T. Ive gone back and forth about  getting one of these, or leaving for a diffrent provider

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Re: Free MicroCell

After all the hassle of setting it up now they tell me it's free? Perhaps there is a letter waiting for me at home! Smiley Happy

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Re: Free MicroCell

It's a market trial in certain areasSmiley Happy

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Re: Free MicroCell

If this is not retroactive I'm gonna be mightily annoyed!  After years of 0-bar signal in my house I wound up paying $150.00 for this thing and I felt that AT&T should have given it to me for free.

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Re: Free MicroCell

I just got my letter today offering a free microcell.  And I bought one last week!  Wonder if AT&T will give me a refund/credit.



Lafayette, CO

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Re: Free MicroCell

i complained a bunch and got my microcell for $20 after credits ($100 rebate, 3 months of free "unlimited" to redeem rebate, $30 data rebate)


and guess what? it's still not worth it if you send a ton of MMS Smiley Sad

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Re: Free MicroCell

Same here—I'd like one of these for my parent's house. For free, and with no monthly fee. The alternative will most likely be that they switch to another carrier soon—they hate the situation that much.


They've been with AT&T since it was BellSouth Mobile and then Cingular here in north Georgia. That's over 10 years. Reception at their house was pretty good up until about a year or two ago. Now, a phone will ring but the voice quality is always garbled. Dialing out doesn't really work. None of the phones have any "bars" to speak of. And this is with phones by Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, Sony, doesn't matter. The whole family is with AT&T and none of our phones work well there any more.


So Dana Cogswell, if you're out there ...

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Re: Free MicroCell

there is NO MONTHLY FEE for the microcell.

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Re: Free MicroCell

T-Bone, thanks for the information.  It would seem to me that AT&T has made great strides in changing their interactions with customers to ensure the customer is happy.  I use to have Sprint and I could tell you some horror stories about why I left Sprint and came to AT&T.  However, at first AT&T's customer service wasn't anywhere near the quality of service I get today.  Maybe the iPhone was a great opportunity for the company to pay attention and focus on the customer experience.  


With that said, I can't help but admit I am a little disappointed with my iPhone 4 and the reception.  Apple was blaming it on AT&T and AT&T was blaming it on Apple.  In ether event, I'm a customer of both companies and I would hope someone would step up with a solution.  Apple is going to release new software but according to them it just changes the way the iPhone reports signal strength.  What I do know is I don't get the call quality and drop calls in my house all the time.  I didn't have this problem 'as much' with my iPhone 3GS and my wife's BlackBerry only drops a few calls here and there.  (Never dropped a call with Sprint in the house and my friends who have T-Mobil have no problems either.)


If AT&T was to start providing customers with service problems MicroCells, I can't help but think this would solve a lot of problems (and complaining) with AT&T's wireless signal.  I would have considered a MicroCell when they first came out but I cant justify paying a company to fix a service that I'm already paying them monthly to provide.      


I'm going to give them a call in the next few days and see if this truly is an option that will work for me.  Wish me luck!!

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Re: Free MicroCell

Went to my local ATT store and the rep acknowledged that my service issues were due to capacity which has become a growing problem with the popularity of 3G devices. Folks in my town are receiving the free MC letter and the local store has no units currently available as a result...yet I have not received said letter...despite 9+ years loyalty and $200+ per month spend.


The geography in my area is such that the towers have a great deal of fluctuating demand, they are located near the Interstate and I see signals fluctuate from 0-5 indoors and outdoors in my community, and at my home. Signals from other towers is limited due to demographics and geography. I am less than a mile from a tower, and experience dropped calls regularly on a variety of 3G phones. I now have IP4, 3Gs and two 3G and have had other 3G devices as well. All experience issues in my home, less so outside the home.


I cannot see spending more my money to improve their network capacity issues. I hope the ATT employees who participate in this forum pass on the frustration we all have with the topic. My concerns are:


1. If network capacity is truly the cause of my poor service, and MC can help both me in my home, and others by freeing up capacity on Macro towers, it would be in ATT's best interest to make these available for free to all. The cost to ATT for giving away MC rather than investing in 3G capacity would be negligible.


2. The device itself appears to have a number of issues. Argue if you must, but the device is nowhere near plug and play. Average, non-techie users will grow frustrated with having to tinker with the devices and cause even greater anguish for ATT. Cisco is well known for reliability for the technically savvy, their commercial market products are flagship. However, the needs for consumer devices are far different, the average consumer is not interested in the tinkering necessary on many of their consumer products. Even their attempts to simplify SOHO routers is poor and many consumers leave security off as it is too complicated to set and make work consistently among a variety of WiFi devices.


3. Certain aspects of this device defy logic. In most homes, best performance would be obtained in a central location, yet GPS signal and LAN access can be a challenge. If this device could be located anywhere in the home by using WiFi to access the local network, and a static (rather than GPS) 911 location, we could enjoy superior service. I bet most would be willing to acknowledge the 911 risk if we were to relocate the MC device in order to bypass the GPS requirement as it stands.


4. I acknowledge the 3G network investment will not be addressed aggressively by ATT given 4G technology investments on the horizon. That said, this is a TEMPORARY fix to 3G capacity issues, and as such I am even less willing to invest in the device given it will become worthless in 3-5 years.


At the end of the day, I am willing to help them address their capacity issues, but not with my pocketbook. Alternately, I will be among the first to fly when an alternate carrier offers Apple devices. I see TMob and Sprint are beginning to talk about possible combinations, perhaps a 4G iPhone on that combined network would be far superior to the 3G experience on ATT, I am watching this carefully, but would likely be far less interested in alternatives if a simple, free Microcell solution solved the majority of my issues with ATT.

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