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Forwarding text message with attachment


Forwarding text message with attachment

When I recieve a text message with an attachment such as a picture with music file and I try to forward it it will usually only let me select either the pic OR the music sample. As everyone who owns an Iphone knows that an sms that usually is played as one message on most other phones has to be looked at the picture THEN play the sound file. Am I doing something wrong or is there a size limit to what I can send at one time. Would be nice to actually have the message as intended, but I ASSUME that would most likely be a flash file?

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Re: Forwarding text message with attachment

Unfortunately, apple has not provided the ability to forward a picture in SMS mode to another recipient. You can save the picture and then forward the picture. Some apps permit copy image and then paste image, but I don't believe it will work in this case and you need to save the image first and attach it via camera roll.


Some apps are the same such as instant messengers where you have to save the picture to the photo album and then send it to the new recipient.


The email application does allow you to forward with attachments.

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Re: Forwarding text message with attachment

You can forward the messages.


All you have to do is while your in the messaging screen hit "Edit"

Select the texts you want to forward and then hit "Forward" on the bottom right

Then a new screen should pop up and allow you to enter a new number to send to another person

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Re: Forwarding text message with attachment

Thank you for your reply. The problem is that when there is a picture with a sound file when I try to forward both(since they dont come together as one file) when I try to add one or the other the forward tag will ghost out???


Thank you,


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Re: Forwarding text message with attachment

The only other thing i can think of is to hold your finger on one of them and copy it
paste it and send it
Then copy the other one and send it

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