Ford vehical sync problems


Ford vehical sync problems

I recently purchased my wife a new Ford vehical equipped w/sync system, it works threw the phones bluetooth. My issue is, since we did this it has started to consume a great deal of data on her phone even though the instruction book states using this system through the bluetooth, it will not consume date. Anyone else experience this issue, any suggestions?
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Re: Ford vehical sync problems

Kind of off topic but does your phone has the latest OS 4.5.141? If so how did you get it to pair? I finally had to lapdoc mine to get it to not time out before I typed the PIN but even then it just says an error was encountered. I'm starting to get the STRONG impression from my limited testing that Ford Sync does not work with Android 2.3. My old 2,2 Captivate pairs fine with the Ford. My 2.3 Atrix has had no trouble pairing with 11 other devices.

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