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Forced from Verizon to AT&T by merger.


Forced from Verizon to AT&T by merger.

OK, Hi everyone, this is my first post.  My name is Belome and I live in Mid-MI.


First off, I want to say that I am in the process of being transitioned from Verizon to AT&T forcibly.  I have no say in the matter, actually, nobody does except the FCC.


With that said.  AT&T is kind enough to offer me a 'comparable' phone for all three of my current Verizon accounts.


I have several complaints.


1)  I'm in the dark.  They can't tell me anything about plans, features, pricing... anything.  They just say at this time everything will stay the same.  Well, by staying the same I can no longer call and text other Verizon customers for free.  That is 75% of my current minutes.  If I lost this feature, my current plan would not be sufficient.


2)  Their comparable phone is not comparable in my eyes.  I currently have a Driod 2, the top of the line Verizon Andriod phone.  They are offering me for free as a comparable phone the HTC Aria.  If anyone here thinks this is a fair 'compatible' phone please speak up... because in my mind it isn't.


At this point, I'd be willing to at least try AT&T and their service for thier 30 day trial period... but not with an inferior phone.  Of course, nobody at AT&T is willing too (or well enough versed) to even listen to me over the phone.  All they can say is pick out the phone you want and you will be good to go.


Not with an HTC Aria I won't.



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Re: Forced from Verizon to AT&T by merger.

Bwuhahahaha. LOL

Seriously consistent voice and data as opposed to inconsistent anything wins the day, every day!
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Forced from Verizon to AT&T by merger.

I cant help but bust a gut when i look at that baby pic.  whew!   Well i have to agree with you there as far as consistency goes.  I am hoping ATT is having "growing pagns" pains, peins, peigns, etc. and this is why some are up and down.


I have to say, they rolled out their latest in my area and my call , etc has been the BEST.    Only STEAMY and verr, verr VERRRY upset issue i hve now with AT&T and DELL is that fake OS 2.2.2 update they pushed out .  It was popping up in my notification bar for so long, i decided to update.  Let me tell you.  Now, i have to connect the STreak to the computer speakers just to hear a sound, NOT good.


I posted the results on DELL.COM forum and guess what?  I got a private nastygram saying it "may" put dell in a bad light... AND they removed the post.  Dell doesnt  (and att either) want to,  or care to address the update they feel was worthy of sending out to everyone. I guess they want to brick phones so to force us to buy new ones. I guess its a moneymaker, so hey...


I am ok with it because I do plan to ROOT anyway, and rollback to the old version i had before. that should fix it, and Iwill stay at that version till my grabby hands fall from their joints before i believe another ota rollout  by dell or att.. Hmmmmph. (can you tell i am not a happy campster? at the moment?)

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Re: Forced from Verizon to AT&T by merger.

Not another "nastygram"! Smiley Very Happy I remember those!

I'd still be very surprised if AT&T let's you keep the phone without paying for it. 'Course, they probably wouldn't want it back anyway now that it's as flat as the paper they use to have customers sign a new two-year contract with. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Forced from Verizon to AT&T by merger.

Yep, Dell took a lot of heat for that release from what I have read online. I sure wish I never updated. Makes me lose faith not only in dell but also att if both gave their "blessing" to release the thing. When I questioned why did they not test before releasing, they pulled the comment Smiley Very Happy

I am thinking if att asked for the pancake phone back, theyd probably try to market it. Then, I wanna be bellome's chauffer! Cha-chinng!
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