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Forced data plan for smartphone


Forced data plan for smartphone

I got an HTC Aria from Ebay and disabled data over the ATT network. Unfortunately, the system detected the phone change and forced me to take a data plan that I dont want and won't use. Is it possible to have a smart phone without a data plan? Actualluy I would sign on in a second if a combined voice, 5GB data with tethering plan were offered in the 100 dollar range but I am stuck using ATT for voice and use a Virgin Mobile MyFi unlimited plan. The cost for both is about 100. Maybe one of the major carriers will get a clue someday and offer a better plan.

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Re: Forced data plan for smartphone

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Then don't try to use a smartphone on any of the other major providers. They all require data plans on smartphones, too. And you will have to quit them too.

Not on Tmobile you can go contract free and bring your own phone or buy at full price and not have a data plan.  I'd love to use my x10a I bought off craigslist on my regular post paid plan, instead Im having to use it on a gophone sim I had lying around using it like an ipod touch or using with with a hypersim +  tmo to go sim.  PPU for me is not an issue, as its very easy to turn off cellular data on android.  I understand they want to force  it and smartphones use a lot of data, but if someone wants to be on pay per use let them and if they rack up a huge bill make them pay for it. 


mighr want to cdouble check that, they where planning on phasing that out, but then again t-mobile is a tier 4 provider, and they have to use all kinds of specials to keep their market share up

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Re: Forced data plan for smartphone

oh ok I didnt realize they phased it out.  I guess the best option is to just go go phone unlimited talk and text for att and use a smartphone that way and avoid being on any contract that would force data plan.  But Tmobiles no contract is a slightly better deal and with coverage being about equal in my location, I would have switched if I wasnt on a family plan. 


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