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Focus on AT&T with iPhone data plan


Focus on AT&T with iPhone data plan

I currently have an iPhone 4 and I just bought a Samsung Focus (out of contract on ebay). I want to be able to switch between the two phones periodically as I plan on doing development on the Focus. However when I put my sim card in the Focus I can only get Edge data. Does anyone know how I can get 3G without changing my data plan with AT&T?

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Re: Focus on AT&T with iPhone data plan

i think its something to do with the IMEI of your phone if ATT only have the IMEI of your iphone it will connect w/o a problem but if you swap phones, ATT's network will have a bit of a fit on your focus(it only concerns data though and it doesnt affect voice calls). if you want to use the focus you'll have to phone att support and tell them u wanna use the focus they'll ask for the IMEI of that phone and add it to their system and hopefully problem solved. sort of like your MAC address on your network card and i meant sort of.
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Re: Focus on AT&T with iPhone data plan

The data plans are not interchangeable. If you want to use the Focus, you'll have to call and have the plan switched.

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Re: Focus on AT&T with iPhone data plan

Fixed it. I just re-seated the SIM card and all is well. Thanks for everyones help!

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