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Focus backup with Zune software?


Focus backup with Zune software?



So I just got a microSD card that is one of the brands reported to be working. Anyway, I want to put it in, but I wanted to see if there was a way to backup most of the phone with the Zune software... I thought there was, but I can't seem to find it. I know that some things like my pix will come back from skydrive, contacts from exchange etc.... but I wanted to know if there was more of a way to back everything up.



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Re: Focus backup with Zune software?

Between Live (Hotmail), Facebook, and Zune 4.7 (desktop), everything should be backed up if you configured these services.


Zune only syncs photos (stored locally on the phone) and music.  It will keep track of your music and app purchases, too, and they are backed up.  You may need to download apps again through Marketplace directly from the phone, after you reset the phone.  I noticed that they do not automatically sync with Zune and appear on the phone.


Live (Hotmail) will sync your mail, contacts and calendar appointments, assuming you entered them in your Live account, and not through a separate Exchange Server or Gmail account, in which case they are backed up that way.  When the phone reboots, enter your account information for each of these accounts, and the phone will repopulate automatically (and quickly, I have found).


Photos can also be backed up automatically through Live Skydrive.  You are presented with this option the first time you use the camera.  Note that they are uploaded to Skydrive at a reduced resolution, however.

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Re: Focus backup with Zune software?

Thanks for the thorough response. I went ahead and did it, and now have 20 GB of free space Smiley Happy It probably took about 20 minutes to get it setup exactly as it was before. I have my work email setup with exchange, so that pulled all my contacts, then synced up SkyDrive again for images and downloaded some apps. All in all VERY painless and made me happy to know that if I ever lose the phone or break it, that getting a new one will not be a total pain in the butt (minus the cost!)



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Re: Focus backup with Zune software?

How do you backup your apps?

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Re: Focus backup with Zune software?

I don't think Zune software will back up apps yet. It will be a great feature to have - either that or a "one click" method to re-download all previous apps again. However, to be really useful, that feature would have to be combined with cloud data storage for app's data. I want it to be where I can toss my phone off a cliff and 20 minutes later have another phone with everything on it.
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